We’ve heard of harvesting crops and vegetables in our gardens. But harvesting water? Young design innovator Bas vander Veer thought of a smart user-friendly design that will do just that.

Admittedly, I’m a closet inventor who dreams of coming up with a great idea and making millions! Who isn’t really? Maybe that’s why I was so intrigued by Bas’s creation. It’s simple and makes you say, “ah, why didn’t I think of that?”

His creation, ‘A Drop of Water’ was presented by elho at Spoga-gafa and close to pure gardening genius. It has great style with an ecological twist. So what is this contraption that looks almost like a full or pregnant belly? It’s a smart user-friendly rain barrel and it’s just really cool.
The simple concept is what makes it so brilliant. Water saving is really easy and the design provides a watering can that automatically fills up when it rains. No more tap water being used to water the garden. Instead, the water is “free” and easy to get your hands on
When it does more than rain and it actually pours that’s okay too. Bas created the teardrop container to catch the overflow from the watering can. Using the spigot valve below you can easily refill the watering can and water a neighbor’s flower containers too!

Rain barrels have become very popular worldwide because they’re a simple way to save money and help save the environment. They decrease the high demand for domestic water.

With this eye-catching design you can now add some design flair to the garden.

Get your hands on this product and you’ll definitely enjoy the next rainy day. Be proud and gloat a bit knowing that you’re harvesting a great crop of fresh water!